Bitcoin Wallet Android Apps vulnerable to theft

15.11.2013 Roberto Arduous
Bitcoin developers have discovered shortcomings in Android-based digital wallets for Bitcoin, making them susceptible to robbery
According to an authorized blog post from Bitcoin developers were discovered "critical deficiencies" in each Bitcoin Wallet app accessible for Android.

Exterior difficulties in any Android submission that develops secure random numbers. This means that all Bitcoin Android submissions are affected, encompassing Bitcoin Wallet, wallet Spinner Bitcoin, and Mycelium Wallet.

All functioning wallets through. Android users are susceptible to robbery and were warned to comfort existing wallets. To re-secure wallets, a user should carry "rotation". "Rotation" means develop a new address with a random number generator and then send all the cash back to your present wallet. Users are encouraged to revise to the latest Android wallets when they become available in Google Play shop.

A new wallet key developed by the rotation will need the client to communicate somebody with living wallet cipher to obtain a new one. Anyone utilising popular application, Bitcoin wallet will face self-acting key rotation and will have to make a new back up. Revisions wallet shortly expected to help work against critical weaknesses discovered in Bitcoin Apps.

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