BlackBerry’s Doomsday Scenario Is Ready. CEO Of Research In Motion Answered The Question That Is Everybody’s Mind.
Thorsten Heins has answered: What will happen if BlackBerry 10 devices cannot be sold enough? Details are in our article.

It is not a secret Research In Motion which is manufacturer of BlackBerry is behind of competition. Despite of this situation BlackBerry 10 counts days to be offered to market. So what will be happen if Research In Motion can’t sold BB10 devices, if this last hope can’t be reached? Does Research In Motion have a plan B?

Question of the answer has been revealed by most competent of CEO of Research in Motion Thorsten Heins in an interview to a German newspaper Die Welt. Mr. Heins has indicated that they are ready to license its BlackBerry to hardware manufacturers. This strategy reminds us Microsoft’s strategy and Research In Motion will move a similar strategy with Microsoft. Mr. Heins has also indicated that if things not happen as expected they would sell their hardware section.


CEO of Research of Motion has indicated that their main idea and main aim is to carry their BlackBerry 10 devices to success. The CEO of Research of Motion didn’t answer the question. The question was that if any companies interests with hardware section or not and which companies? BlackBerry 10 will be introduced in end of the January. BlackBerry 10 is a phone that focused on touch screen experience and has an interface that allows getting this experience. QWERTY BlackBerry devices will be added to BlackBerry 10 family after touch screen models will be revealed.


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