Inkscape, a free vector drawing program

30.4.2014 Daniel Jaramillo
Inkscape is a vector drawing program that enables users to create images. Users who haven't previously used vector drawing programs might find it a bit complicated to use.

Advantages of using Inkscape

It has many in-depth editing features that enables user to create good results.
It is easier to use than other vector editing programs with a little exposure in the market.
This program has the ability to support many input and output image formats. This makes it very convenient for editing images created using different formats and also it is capable of creating images that are compatible with other programs.
It has very many features that are tweaked to take care of different user’s needs.


It takes a long time to crop images.
It has many technical features that beginners will not be comfortable working with.
Vector editing programs, like bitmap editors, have considerable RAM requirements so are prone to freezing if a computer doesnt have enough main memory.
The program is resources intensive.

Review of Inkscape

Inkscape is one of the best programs to create professional looking and impressive logos and buttons with little prior knowledge on image editing software. The simplest way to do this is by using the text tool. You will just be required to type what you want and choose a font, tweak other parameters until getting the best effect.

Inkscape has many filters that can give users the desired effect. From the most basic ones like darken, sharpen, blur etc. to the most complex ones like nonrealistic 3D shaders, textures, overlays etc. To resize and rotate images is quite easy using this program but cropping is a task because finding the function can be an issues as the developers have named it clipping, even after finding it, it takes time to crop.

Working with Inkscape without setting the canvas size will result in having a very big image. Resizing images depends on the computer specification.

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